You can listen to the whole of the Time is Sliding theme tune here:

The song is ©Rob Baylis and performed by The Detective. It features Chris Maitland on drums, former band-mate Droid, aka Andy Cooke, on keyboards and the rest is Rob. Droid’s current whereabouts are unknown but Chris is probably known best for his drumming in the progressive rock band, Porcupine Tree as well as being the drummer on the Mamma Mia International Tour.

A logo associated with 'The Detective' mentioned in the text

In the 1980s, Rob wrote and performed songs as ‘The Detective’ and made a brief appearance on BBC TV’s Whistle Test in 1985. Here’s a clip: ‘Blood on Glass’. His music was distributed by Peeved Records, an independent cassette label but almost the entire Detective repertoire is now available to stream or download at Bandcamp. The Detective logo was designed by Mary Beauchamp.

That change theme is here again. Cassettes were killed off by CDs and then along came downloads and streaming. But why has the popularity of vinyl records exploded recently? Has something changed to stop the clicks, jumps, scratches and warps of their past? What about the environmental impacts of these spinning lumps of plastic? Is the vinyl resurgence a result of an oil industry plot to stay in the business of releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere?