Sun shining on wet sand of a beach to indicate impermanence.  Worm casts are visible.

Time is Sliding is a podcast that explores and embraces the many aspects of change in our lives. The title is an acceptance that the slipperiness of time for us human animals leads to change in our ourselves and what we do. This can often be an adaptation to the ongoing change around us. Climate change and the Covid19 pandemic are two major examples of external changes that necessitate change in ourselves. 

Each episode explores aspects of the world that are changing over the precious time that is slippery-sliding away as we hurtle down life’s helter skelter. There will be discussions with extraordinary and ordinary people about changes in themselves, society and the environment on which we all depend.

Your host for Time is Sliding is Rob Baylis. He’s professionally qualified as a Chartered Environmentalist, a Member of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment and has 27 years experience working in various energy and environmental roles spanning academic research, consultancy and local government in the UK. His career has embraced the energy and environmental aspects of buildings as well as industrial environmental management.

Photo © Issy Baylis, Instagram @isabel_suqi, Vimeo.com/422523215

Photograph of Rob Baylis

One of the big changes in Rob’s life was to leave behind a mainstream career in the construction industry to start again in environmental management. An even bigger change was when he became a vegetarian then a vegan 4 years later. When he started on that path in the 1980s, vegetarians were regarded as cranks and vegans were like aliens from outer space. He’s still got pointed ears but, these days, stereotypes of vegans have taken over from vegetarians as the butts of ill-informed & dumbed-down comedy. That’s progress (another change) as it’s only a few steps away from respect.

The Time is Sliding logo was created by Issy Baylis, Instagram @isabel_suqi, Vimeo.com/422523215. All photographs are ©Rob Baylis except where otherwise credited.